Review Committee



The Developmental Grant Review Committee evaluates reviewed applications and recommends those most worthy of funding. All of the Committee members are experts in one or more aspects of HIV research.

The Developmental Core Director and Chair of the Developmental Grant Review Committee is Dr. Mary Lewinski.

Committee member/Web page (affiliation) Expertise

Mary Lewinski, MD, PhD, Chair 

(UC San Diego)

Molecular virology of HIV; HIV counteraction of host restriction factors; proteomics and ubiquitinomics

Laramie Smith, PhD

(UC San Diego)

HIV treatment and prevention, health disparities, LGBT health

Sumit Chanda, PhD 

(Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute)

Host-virus interactions

Joshua Fierer, MD

(UC San Diego)

Infectious diseases

Richard Garfein, PhD 

(UC San Diego)

Public health, epidemiology, behavioral transmission of viral infections

John Guatelli, MD 

(UC San Diego)

Molecular virology

Susan Little, MD 

(UC San Diego)

Acute and early HIV infection

Thomas Patterson, PhD

(UC San Diego)

Epidemiology, sexually transmitted diseases, behavioral interventions

Eileen Pitpitan, PhD

(San Diego State University)

Behavioral interventions, public health

Alessandro Sette, Dr.Biol.Sci.

(La Jolla Institute for Immunology)

Immune responses, epitopes, Immune Epitope Database (IEDB)

Sujan Shresta, PhD

(La Jolla Institute for Immunology)

Immunology and pathogenesis of human viruses

Jamila Stockman, PhD, MPH

(UC San Diego)

Public health, epidemiology, HIV, substance abuse, and violence against women

Richard Wyatt, PhD

(The Scripps Research Institute)
HIV/SIV Env structure/function, antibodies, neutralizing antibodies, vaccine design, challenge models

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