Executive Committee


The Executive Committee (EC) of the San Diego CFAR is a local group composed of senior HIV experts who are not directly supported with CFAR funds and who represent all member institutions.

EC members review and vote on recommendations regarding proposed funding reallocations above $25,000, creating or closing service cores, or other issues identified by CFAR leaders. Members also actively participate in our Center's strategic planning meetings.

Our current San Diego CFAR Executive Committee members are listed below.


Constance Benson, MD

UC San Diego

Expertise: Local and international clinical research, training programs.

Dennis Burton, PhD

The Scripps Research Institute 

Expertise: Vaccine research

Igor Grant, MD

UC San Diego 

Expertise: Neuropsychiatric aspects of HIV

J. Allen McCutchan, MD

UC San Diego 

Expertise: Local and international training programs

Carl Ware, PhD

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

Expertise: Cellular immunology