International Core


If you conduct HIV research outside the U.S.—or if you would like to do so—the SD CFAR International Core is here to help. Among our Co-Directors, Associate Directors, Leadership Trainee, and Advisory Board, we offer more than 60 years of combined international research experience.

We offer mentorship, administrative assistance, and technical training; support all international research funded by the Developmental Core; maintain an FAQ page about international HIV research; and produce training videos. We also ensure our Center's international studies are represented in the annual SD CFAR HIV Research Day

Our services are wholly integrated with other SD CFAR cores. Many SD CFAR core directors have directed international studies themselves and are well-versed in supporting basic, clinical, and translational research in other countries. How can we help you?

International Operations Manual for NIAID Research Awards

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which funds all Centers for AIDS Research, has published an operations manual for international institutions to help them apply for and manage NIAID funding. The procedures in this manual are more applicable to larger NIAID awards than our International Pilot grants. We will be developing instructions and videos specifically for SD CFAR awards. Meanwhile, feel free to download Word or PDF versions of this manual for your international institution's grants management team. 

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