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Scripps Research Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Charles Daniel Murin at Scripps Research seeks to hire a highly motivated Postdoctoral Associate to start in 2021-2022. Dr. Murin is a Staff Scientist and Primary Investigator starting his lab aimed at understanding the molecular basis of antibody effector functions, including cellular recruitment and cytolytic activation during viral nfection. This trainee will work closely with Dr. Murin to study the structure and function of the Natural Killer (NK) ell immune synapse during antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). The postdoc will primarily drive super-resolution microscopy projects using the first and only available MINFLUX microscope in the United States, now housed in the Microscopy Core at Scripps Research.

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UC San Diego is an Equal Opportunity / Staff Affirmative Action Employer 

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