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PROPEL grants support writing projects resulting from SD CFAR Developmental or International Pilot grants. Whether you are working on a conference abstract, a manuscript for a peer-reviewed journal, or a grant proposal, a PROPEL award can help when you need it most. Publication fees? Check. New statistical software? Check. Part-time, short-term staff to free your time for writing (excluding postdoctoral fellows)? Check.

You may request up to $5,000 to support publications or grant proposals resulting from a current or previous SD CFAR Developmental or International Pilot grant that was awarded to you. This means you can apply for $5,000 all at once if needed, or apply for a partial amount to cover immediate needs and apply again in the future for the remaining amount if still needed. In each case, we will expect you to examine any discretionary funds available to you and explain why they cannot be used to support your publication or grantwriting expenses. 


PROPEL grants are restricted to investigators who are reporting on the results of SD CFAR Developmental or International Pilot grants. Strong preference is given to early stage investigators who have not yet earned NIH R01 or equivalent funding. However, with sufficient justification, we will consider submissions from more advanced applicants. Please contact us if you have any questions about your eligibility.

These awards may only be issued in the U.S. If you are writing about or applying for funding based on an International Pilot grant, please contact your SD CFAR collaborator or another SD CFAR mentor to discuss publication assistance. SD CFAR collaborators/mentors may apply for a PROPEL award with the understanding that, if awarded, the funds will be used to assist you, the International Pilot grant PI, using local (U.S.) resources.

Per NIH regulations, PROPEL awards may not be used to purchase computers or to provide salary support for postdoctoral fellows. Travel funds may only be requested to present results at a scientific meeting and may only be used by the Developmental or International Pilot grant PI.

Maximum Award

$5,000 direct costs per Developmental or International Pilot grant. This amount may be used at once or split over separate PROPEL applications.

Application Due Date

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until funds are committed. Submit your application now! 

Notification Date

You will be notified of the status of your application a few weeks after submission.

Funding Period

One year from award date.

Application Form

Please download and complete this application form . Email the completed form to

Questions? Please email


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