External Advisory Committee


The External Advisory Committee (EAC) of the San Diego CFAR is composed of renowned HIV experts in the U.S. Most are based at university research centers similar to our own.

Our EAC members have the perspective of their own world-class HIV research as well as HIV research activities at institutions around the country. They are especially qualified to guide us on current and future practice and policy.

Our current CFAR External Advisory Committee members are listed below.


Expertise: Antiretroviral therapy, gender-related HIV treatment issues

Carlos Del Rio, MD
Emory University

Expertise: Epidemiology, access to care, risk behaviors

Ronald Desrosiers, PhD
University of Miami

Expertise: Viral pathogenesis

Eric Hunter, PhD
Emory University

Expertise: Molecular virology and vaccines

Kenneth H. Mayer, MD
The Fenway Institute
Harvard Medical School

Expertise: Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention

Mona Minton, PhD, MA, CERT, CTRC,
The Neighborhood House Association

Expertise: Clinical research development, mental health, and substance use 

Gary Nabel, MD, PhD

ModeX Therapeutics

Expertise: Novel vaccine strategies against HIV and other infectious diseases

Mario Stevenson, PhD
University of Miami

Expertise: Molecular virology and pathogenesis

Bruce Torbett, PhD
University of Washington

Expertise: Molecular virology and pathogenesis