Flow Cytometry Core


The Flow Cytometry Research Core facility provides a centralized resource for technical expertise and major equipment. The Core supports and enhances experimental design and execution of basic and applied research that require flow cytometric cell analysis or cell sorting.

To achieve this objective, the Core offers the following services:

  • Expert consultation is provided through the core director, laboratory supervisor, and our senior technical specialists;
  • Cytometry instruments are selected for complementary functions;
  • Equipment use is accessible through dedicated technician-operators;
  • All services are provided on a recharge basis;
  • Assistance with data analysis can be customized to the needs of individual investigators and research projects.

The core facility contains five major pieces of equipment that perform multiple functions. Current services include: multiparameter analysis (1-6 antibody combinations) on cell suspensions and cells fixed to slides, and small to large volume cell sorting. Types of cell analyses include: cell maturation phenotypes; cell proliferation and activation (cell cycle/DNA content, CFSE dye; calcium flux, CD69, Annexin-V); intra-cellular proteins (cytokines, cell cycle regulators, viral products); quantification of molecular promoters and reporter genes (GFP, beta-gal; FRET).

Live and fixed cell sorting is performed to recover cell subsets, identified with any combination of the above mentioned analysis tools. A specially equipped cell sorter is available for work with live, biohazardous cell samples (experimental protocol requires approval of the Core Director). Contact the facility to schedule services. The laboratory supervisor and core director are available to help with the design of custom flow cytometry protocols to achieve the speci

Contact Information

Lab telephone: (858) 552-8585 ext. 5933
Core Director telephone: 858-552-8585 ext. 7189
FAX: (858) 552-7436
Mail code: V-151
Email: vaflowcore@vapop.ucsd.edu 

Flow Cytometry Research Core Facility
VA San Diego Healthcare System
Rm. 6189B / MC-151
3350 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego , CA 92161

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Our facility is located in room 6189B on the 6th floor, East wing of the VA San Diego Health Care System, 3350 La Jolla Village Drive, connected to the UCSD School of Medicine campus via a pedestrian bridge.


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