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Gilead Sciences, Inc. Medical Affairs Request for Novel HIV Research Applications Utilizing B/F/TAF

Gilead is now making a specific call for proposals in the disease area of HIV. This Request for Applications is in addition to the already existing Investigator Sponsored Research Program, which supports investigator-sponsored research conducted by clinicians and researchers on Gilead's marketed products or within therapeutic areas of interest to the company (

Through the Medical Affairs Investigator Sponsored Research process, Gilead will evaluate and support programs which address the following two objectives:

1. Rapid ART initiation1 with B/F/TAF
2. Use of B/F/TAF, in special HIV-infected populations that traditionally have been excluded from or under recruited in the clinical trial participation

Letter of Intent (LOI: 2-page concise overview of proposed project and draft budget)

15 March 2019: LOI submission window opens

10 May 2019: LOI submission window closes

The LOI should use the format attached here and should be submitted to:

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