Requirements and Restrictions

  • Early stagen investigators who have not yet received R01-level NIH funding and meet other eligibility criteria may apply for a maximum of $50,000 for these one-year awards.
  • SDSU ASSET fellows may apply for traditional Developmental grants between $30,000 - $60,000, with supplemental funding provided through the ASSET Program.
  • Established investigators who have received R01-level NIH funding, may apply for a traditional Developmental grant at a maximum of $30,000 pending Developmental Core approval. Senior-level investigators are not eligible to serve as PIs of Developmental grants in HIV and monkeypox.
  • Developmental grants cannot fund travel to scientific meetings. The only exception is that unfunded junior investigators may include travel to a scientific meeting to present the results of the SD CFAR Developmental grant.
  • Post-doctoral fellow are not eligible to apply, nor may these grants be used to support post-doctoral fellows.
  • If an awarded grant includes work with humans or animals, Institutional Animal Care Use Committee or Institutional Review Board approval must be submitted to the SD CFAR Developmental Core before awarded funds may be spent. Requlatory approvals should be emailed to
  • Overspending on the award is not allowed and must be repaid.
  • Any monies remaining after the funding period will be returned to the SD CFAR Developmental Core.
  • The SD CFAR Administrative Core will establish a chart string or subaward for each grant awarded.  However, awardees are responsible for working with their departmental fund manager to monitor and manage their funds and ensure that monies are not overspent. Any adjustments needed to balance the funds are the responsibility of the awardees.
  • Successful awardees must provide written progress reports for the SD CFAR annual report to NIH.
  • As part of their grants, awardees must provide documentation of publications and peer-reviewed funding that result from their Developmental grant. They are also required to cite SD CFAR support in publications and presentations that are generated by or related to research performed using SD CFAR Developmental funds.

Direct and Indirect Costs

Your budget should list direct costs only. Do not include indirect costs. The SD CFAR will cover indirects for all awarded grants at all of our member institutions.


Developmental grants awarded by the SD CFAR are funded for up to one calendar year from the award date. If you have questions, please contact us.

Supplemental Awards

If your Developmental grant has been approved and if you are currently within your award period, you may apply for a one-year supplement up to the maximum amounts listed above. Supplemental applications will be evaluated on the basis of scientific progress to date and the potential for publications and independent grant funding beyond those of the originally funded project. Supplemental applications will be competitively reviewed along with new applications received for the same funding cycle. The same procedures, award amounts and due dates apply for both new and supplemental applications.

Fund Management and Other Responsibilities of Successful Applicants

Successful applicants have several responsibilities, including fund management. Please see our responsibilities page and contact us if you have any questions.

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