Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What services does the Translational Virology core provide?

A: The CFAR Translational Virology Core provides the general services itemized below:

  • Collect, process, cryostore, ship and track specimens, including plasma, sera, PBMC, CSF, genital secretions, and viral isolates from research trials participants including the ACTG, First Choice Program, Early Intervention Program, Early Test, CNICS, CCTG, PEPFAR, pharmaceutical sponsored studies and other studies performed by CFAR investigators
  • Quantify HIV-1 from various clinical specimens and in vitro assays
  • HIV phenotypic assays including drug susceptibility, co-receptor and antibody sensitivity assays
  • FDA-approved HIV resistance genotyping of RT and protease genes
  • Population-based, clonal, and single genome sequencing of various coding regions
  • Host genetic assays including high resolution HLA typing

The Translational Virology Core also provides  educational  opportunities for domestic and international CFAR investigators and their students/fellows in BL2 and BL3 laboratory certification, PCR and sequencing training; instruction in cell processing and storage; instruction in HIV propagation and related assays, and instruction in HIV PCR (qualitative/quantitative assays).

Please refer to our services and pricing for more information.

Q: How do I request Translational Virology Core services?

A: Please review our services and pricing. When you are ready to place an order, obtain a purchase order number from your department and go to our Request Services form. If you have any questions about the form, please e-mail the Core Administrator.

Q: What are the requirements for investigators receiving UCSD CFAR core services?

A: Investigators must provide documentation about how CFAR core services are used to support HIV/AIDS research as well as how the services were leveraged to support successful grant applications and publications. Research presented or published using CFAR Translational Virology Core resources must acknowledge such support using the following citation:

This work was performed with the support of the Translational Virology Core at the UCSD Center for AIDS Research (P30 AI036214), the VA San Diego Healthcare System, and the Veterans Medical Research Foundation.

Q: Whom do I contact with questions?

A: Questions about the UCSD CFAR Translational Virology Core should be sent to the Core Administrator.

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