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If work performed for you at the San Diego CFAR Translational Virology Core results in publication, please acknowledge us with the following statement and please e-mail a PDF of your publication to the Core Administrator: 

This work was performed with the support of the Translational Virology Core at the San Diego Center for AIDS Research (P30 AI036214).


Faculty and Staff of the Translational Virology Core please use the following acknowledgement statement for our publications: 

This work was supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs and grants from the National Institutes of Health:
DK131532 (R01 Smith - Gut); AI169609 (P01 Smith - HOME); DA047039 (R33 Smith - Opioid); AI131385 (Smith - R3 Rebound); AI036214 (Smith - CFAR); AI164570 (Montaner - BEAT-HIV Delaney Collaboratory); AI007384 (HOPE - T32 Training); MH062512 (Heaton - HNRC); AI147821 (Gianella - CMV Replication); DA051915 (Gianella – Avenir HOME); AI164559 (Gianella - HOPE Collaboratory); AI181655 (R01 Gianella - Menopause);   AI158293 (R56 Gianella- Reproductive Aging); DA055491 (R01 Chaillon - Myeloid Cells); OD026565 (K01 LaMere – Retroviral Epigenomics); AI162225 (R21 LaMere - Proviral Epigenetics); AI068636 (Currier - ACTG); CA023100 (Lippman - Cancer Support); U24 MH100928 (California NeuroAIDS Tissue Network); UL1TR001442 (ACTRI).

The following also provided support:
The James B. Pendleton Charitable Trust.
This research was supported by AMED under Grant Number JP243fa627003.

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