Pricing Details


Discounted and Subsidized Pricing

San Diego CFAR, VMRF, and VA users will be charged discounted prices because significant portions of the costs are subsidized by San Diego CFAR Core funds. Confirm prices with the Translational Virology Core Director before submitting any budgets or orders.

Certain services, especially those for new and junior investigators, San Diego CFAR developmental and international grant recipients, and visiting scholars may be further subsidized by Translational Virology Core resources at the discretion of the Core Director.

By Arrangement Pricing

Many prices are listed as “by arrangement" because they require specialized procedures that are often unique to each experimental protocol. For example, most sequencing protocols will require specialized primers and often optimization of such primer sets. The cost of these services will depend on your specific needs. Material costs will be treated like a pass-through cost. Staff support costs will range from $15 to $75 per hour based on the level of expertise required.

At a Glance