Translational Virology


Due to a recent change in the price of the p24 assays, the price we charge will be increasing to $6.15 per sample effective 2/17/14. For submissions greater than 80 samples, the price will be $5.00 per sample


We will also be batching our runs to minimize the cost of running controls.  If fewer than 48 samples are submitted, the processing of your samples may be delayed for a maximum of a week.

Prices are subject to change. Confirm current prices with the Core Director before submitting any budgets or orders. See notes about discounted, subsidized, and by-arrangement pricing.

Service CFAR members Others
Qualitative HIV and HCV nucleic acid screening (blood plasma) $110 $180
HIV p24 ELISA assay 
(>80 samples--$5.00/well)
$6.15/well $15/well
HIV-1 quantitative blood plasma RNA (standard <400 copies/mL) $80 $200
HIV-1 qualitative DNA (PBMC) $60 $100
HIV-1 quantitative DNA (PBMC) $80 $200
Specimen Support By arrangement

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