Before any services can be provided, a PO or VMRF account # must be provided to the Genomics and Sequencing Core. For UC San Diego-paying customers, we will provide you with a quote prior to work beginning which may be used to obtain a PO # through UC San Diego Marketplace. For outside customers (non-UC San Diego, non-VMRF or "for profit" users) we will also provide a quote, once we receive a PO # we will accept your samples.

Q: What method of payment can I use? 
A:There are several payment methods:

  • UC San Diego and other academic labs can supply the core with a PO number.
  • VMRF labs can transfer funds by supplying the core with the VMRF account number.
  • Outside companies can supply PO numbers or directly send a check made payable to Veterans Medical Research Foundation.
  • Please contact the core directly if you plan to use VA funds.

Q: Does the Genomics and Sequencing Core take UC San Diego index numbers? 
A: No. If you are planning to pay using UC San Diego funds, please supply the core with a UC San Diego PO number.

Q: Who should checks and POs be made payable to? 
A: Veterans Medical Research Foundation

Q: What is the Veterans Medical Research Foundation vendor ID number? 
A: 330189397

Q: Can I send the bill directly to my institution's disbursements department for payment? 
A: No, the bill sent to you from the Genomics and Sequencing Core is not an "official invoice." It is strictly for your records. An official invoice will be sent to your institution by the VMRF billing staff. Sending two copies will cause duplication of payment.

Q: Can I pay using VA funds? 
A: Yes. Since VMRF cannot accept VA money, the Genomics and Sequencing Core has set up a VA account. Please let us know in advance if you will be using VA funds.

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