Hourly Fees

PI affiliation Cell analysis High-speed cell sorting Biohazardous cell sorting
VA, VMRF, UCSD $80 $115 $145
CFAR* $80 $115 $130
Private, commercial $125 $200 $275

*If you are an active CFAR affiliated member, or if your research project is a collaborative effort with a CFAR investigator, please notify lab personnel to ensure that your work is billed at the appropriate rate.

Payment Information

If this is the first time your lab is using our services, you must fill out and submit the online INVESTIGATOR INFORMATION SHEET before any samples can be processed through the lab.

The Veterans Medical Research Foundation (VMRF) administers all the billing for our core services. You will be billed once at the end of the month for the total services rendered. A billing quote will be emailed to your payment person point of contact.

When booking your appointments on the Service Request system, please have your PO# ready to be entered. We will not book your appointment without a PO#.

Depending on your lab grant affiliation, PO# is obtained according to the following guidelines:

  • OUTSIDE COMPANIES – obtain PO# from your accounting office/administrator
  • VMRF – obtain a PO# from VMRF’s administrator, Simmaly Phommasane at:
  • VA – obtain an index# from your PI or administrator
  • UC San Diego – please review these instructions to obtain a PO:
    • The following instructions are for UC San Diego staff and faculty wishing to purchase Flow Core services with a purchase order (PO).

      • Log in into the UC san Diego MarketPlace (access here).
      • Go to Marketplace iRequests.
      • Click on iRequest (at top of page).
      • Click on “Specialized Goods or Services” (on the side of page).
      • Click on CFAR Core Facilities.
      • Click on Flow Cytometry.
      • Complete form.

For Marketplace Users (UC San Diego Grants)

Our vendor name is listed in the MARKETPLACE as:

For questions regarding the MARKETPLACE and how to use it, please contact: 
THE MARKETPLACE HELPDESK: or  (858) 534-9494

You may also refer to the following marketplace tutorials:

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