Sandra Blackmon


Sandra Blackmon's origins trace back to Lima, Peru. Her professional voyage commenced with a remarkable tenure spanning more than 6 years as the Payroll Manager aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise line. Fate intertwined her path with her future spouse amidst the sea breeze, leading to a marriage that blessed them with two children.


Her journey of achievement continued as she embarked on an academic pursuit, culminating in the acquisition of an accounting degree. With a robust history of over 15 years within the accounting domain, Sandra has left her mark. She contributed her expertise as the Accounting Manager at the Lee County Youth Development Center, assumed managerial responsibilities at Auburn University, efficiently managed the UCSD Sponsor Project Finance as an award accountant, and recently, in January 2023, embarked on a new chapter as a Financial Analyst within the Infectious Disease Division at UCSD.


While diligently fulfilling her professional roles, Sandra also finds solace and joy in leisure activities. She enthusiastically cheers her son on during his baseball games, indulges in shopping escapades with her daughter, and embarks on enriching travels, creating cherished memories with her beloved family.