Molecular and Cellular Immunology Core Services


MCI Core services are offered at various locations across UC San Diego, Scripps Research, and the VA San Diego Healthcare System/Veterans Medical Research Foundation. In some cases, services are offered at more than one location and investigators can select the laboratory that best fits their needs. Please see below for specifics.

Investigators may request multiple services across units from the MCI Core Service Request. MCI Core units will collaborate as your project moves through the various stages serviced by each of the units.



Flow Cytometry Unit Services

Location: VA San Diego Healthcare System Room 6189B / MC-151

  • Analysis - BD CANTO (RUO GREEN)
  • Analysis - BD CANTO (RUO ORANGE)
  • Sort - ARIA II (Non-Biohazard sort)
  • Sort - ARIA II (Biohazard sort with bioBUBBLE)
  • Sort - Sony MA900 (Non-Biohazard sort) coming soon
  • Sort - Sony MA900 (Biohazard sort) coming soon
  • Training

Genomics Unit Services

Location: UC San Diego Stein Clinical Research Building, 3rd Floor Room 308

  • DNA isolation
  • RNA isolation
  • cDNA synthesis
  • Nucleic acid quantification NanoDrop One
  • Nucleic acid quantification Qubit 2.0 fluorometer
  • Nucleic acid quality control Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 / TapeStation
  • Nucleic acid quality control Agilent Bioanalyzer 2200 / TapeStation
  • RT-qPCR full service
  • RT-qPCR run
  • ddPCR full service
  • ddPCR run
  • Gene expression quantification consultation
  • Primer / probe design
  • SNP genotyping
  • 10X Chromium Controller use
  • 10X sample and library preparation
  • Targeted sequencing (AmpliSeq)
  • Targeted genome sequencing
  • RNA-Seq consultation
  • Data preparation for downstream analysis
  • Bioinformatics training

Single-Cell -Omics Services

Location: Scripps Research

  • Sequencing
    • Illumina NovaSeq
    • Illumina NextSeq
    • ONT Minion
    • ONT P2
  • 10x Genomics
    • 5' or 3' chemistry
    • HT or standard
    • VDJ-B addon
    • VDJ-T addon
    • cellhashing addon
    • BEAM-Ab addon
    • BEAM-TCR addon
  • Data analysis
    • adaptive sampling (ONT)
    • post-run basecalling (ONT)
    • CellRanger processing (10x Genomics)



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