The San Diego CFAR Developmental Core has funded 214 grants between 1994-2022. Collectively, these grants have resulted in more than 1,000 publications and more than $293 million in peer-reviewed funding.

The following list of previously funded Developmental grants will give you an idea of the range of our investigators' research.

August 2022
Investigator Project title
Briney, Bryan, PhD Tracing the development of HIV bnAb lineages in SHIV-infected rhesus macaques
Campbell, Chadwick, PhD, MPH Investigating the impact of syndemic factors and COVID-19 on the lived experiences of young Black sexual minority men with HIV in the U.S. South
Dan, Jennifer, MD, PhD Evaluation of monkeypox immunity in persons living with HIV
Murin, Daniel, PhD Screening the ReFRAME library for augmentation of NK cell ADCC activity toward HIV
July 2022
Investigators Project title

Bazzi, Angela, PhD

Han, Benjamin, MD

SD CFAR and Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Longevity Science (HWSPH) Collaborative Developmental Grant: Delivering HIV prevention and harm reduction interventions for middle-aged and older adults within opioid treatment programs in San Diego County
December 2021
Investigator Project title
Skaathun, Britt, PhD Sexually transmitted infections among people who inject drugs living with and at-risk for HIV
Wynn, Adriane, PhD Dual HIV/syphilis point-of-care testing to improve identification and treatment of syphilis among pregnant women in Gaborone, Botswana
June 2021
Investigator Project title
Bazzi, Angela, PhD Preferences for PrEP interventions for people who inject drugs in San Diego County
Han, Benjamin, MD Methamphetamine use among older adults living with HIV
December 2020
Investigator Project title
Mravic, Marco, PhD Biophysical contribution of the transmembrane domain trimer to the HIV-1 Env protein
Vollbrecht, Thomas, PhD Inhibition of HIV Nef by AAK1 and GAK inhibitors
December 2019
Investigator Project title
LaMere, Sarah, DVM, PhD HIV cytosine methylation dynamics
June 2019
Investigator Project title
Bale, Shridar, PhD Targeting multiple sites of HIV Env trimer vulnerability by fusion peptide-trimer prime:boosting
Mishra, Jyoti, PhD Mapping the brain mechanisms of cognitive control in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder
December 2018
Investigator Project title
Bristow, Claire, PhD, MPH, MSc The performance and economic outcomes of pooled three anatomic site Chlamydia trachomatis/Neisseria gonorrhoeae testing for HIV PrEP management
Lewinski, Mary, MD, PhD Methods to test interferon resistance of superinfecting HIV-1
Mirarab, Siavash, PhD New algorithms for prioritizing prevention intervention addressed to people living with HIV
Stoneham, Charlotte, PhD Mapping HIV-induced changes to the host cellular spatio-proteome
June 2018
Investigator Project title
Heinz, Sven, PhD Developing a genomic tool kit to study clinical responses to HIV infection and treatment
Beliakova-Bethell, Nadejda, PhD Cell state-dependent biomarkers of HIV latency
Deshmukh, Lalit, PhD Production and biophysical analysis of an in vitro model of HIV-1 maturation
December 2017
Investigator Project title
Pache, Lars, PhD Modulation of key cellular signaling pathways by HIV-1 Vpu
Rivera-Nieves, Jesus, MD Validation of mass cytometry for the study of intestinal HIV infection
Yoh, Sunnie, PhD Development of HIV vaccine adjuvant through modulation of cGas signaling
June 2017
Investigator Project title
Chaillon, Antoine, PhD The prostate as a reservoir for residual replication
Garimella, Pranav Sandilya. MD Novel markers of tubular secretion and kidney function decline in women with HIV
Grelotti, David, MD Self-report of sexual activity by young MSM using interactive text messaging
Hoenigl, Martin, MD Standardized oral Beta-D glucan challenge for measuring microbial translocation in HIV infection
Stoneham, Charlotte, PhD Combined EM-proteomics approach for the study of HIV-host interactions
December 2016
Investigator Project title
Mackey, Timothy, PhD Exploring the 2015 Indiana HIV outbreak using Twitter and machine learning (Resubmission)
Murrell, Benjamin, PhD Rapid HIV Env epitope discovery with high throughput mutational analysis
June 2016
Investigator Project title
Blumenthal, Jill, MD Biological factors affecting Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) levels in cervicovaginal fluid
Hall, Drew, PhD Immunosignaturing for HIV surveillance
Hoenigl, Martin, MD Consequences of risky decision making in the era of PrEP
December 2015
Investigator Project title
Gaines, Tommi, PhD Examining geographic disparities in HIV testing and medical care among American Indians and Alaska Natives in San Diego County
Gonzalez, David, PhD Spatiotemporal mapping of HIV pathogenesis and host subcellular protein dynamics
Martin, Natasha, DPhil Characterizing the HCV epidemic among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in San Diego County
Pines, Heather, PhD PrEP preparedness study among female sex workers in the Mexico-US border region
June 2015
Investigator Project title
Servin, Argentina, MD Estimating labor exploitation and HIV/STI risk and infection among 
female migrants at the Mexico-Guatemala Border
Singh, Rajendra, PhD Developing an ELISA-based screening assay for the HIV-1 
NEF/MHC-I/AP1 complex
Radhika, MD, PhD
Characterizing the knowledge, attitudes, and current practices
of Mozambican traditional healers for patients in an HIV-endemic region
December 2014
Investigator Project title
Henry, Brook, PhD iSTEP: A text message intervention to increase physical activity
and reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors in HIV+ 
Scheffler, Konrad, PhD Computational identification of HIV antibody epitopes using the Env
structure and sequence context
Strain, Matthew, 
Same-day nucleic acid test (SD-NAT) to diagnose acute HIV
Wagner, Gabriel, MD Full-length deep sequencing of HIV-1 pol to investigate the 
evolution of HIV drug resistance
Weibel, Nadir, PhD PIRC-NET: Analyzing social media to characterize HIV at-risk 
populations among MSM in San Diego
Zhu, Jiang- TSRI, PhD Rational design of particle immunogens to target the N332 site of 
HIV-1 vulnerability
June 2014
Investigator Project title
Aronoff-Spencer, Eli, 
Rapid point-of-care (POC) testing for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C 
infection using a low cost, smartphone-based potentiostat.
Gianella, Sara,
Therapeutic HIV vaccine to target the HIV reservoir in anatomic 
compartments during suppressive antiretroviral therapy
Lewinski, Mary, PhD System for studying HIV-1 accessory gene effects on the 
Pitpitan, Eileen, PhD Syndemic conditions and linkage to HIV care among men who have 
sex with men in Tijuana, Mexico
December 2013
Investigator Project title
Desplats, Paula, PhD BCL11B role on HIV-1 latency and inflammation in the brain: a new microglial model
Ulibarri, Monica, PhD Couples-based HIV prevention for FSWs and their non-commercial partners in Mexico
Wertheim, Joel, PhD Genetic relatedness of HIV in epidemiologically linked partners in New York City
June 2013
Investigator Project title
Eli Aronoff, Spencer, MD, PhD Whole-cell electrochemical diagnostics for point of care
HIV detection in resource-limited settings
Nadejda Beliakova-Bethell, PhD Novel host factors and pathways that can be modulated to overcome HIV latency
Sara Gianella, MD HIV viral reservoir in anatomic compartments
Sanjay Mehta, MD Determining the association between mitochondrial DNA and accelerated immune aging in HIV infection
Elizabeth Reed, ScD Economic debt, drug use, and HIV risk among sex workers in Tijuana, Mexico
December 2011
Investigator Project title
Sonia Ramamoorthy, MD Histone variant in anal cancer
Karla Wagner, PhD Personal networks of FSW-IDUs and their male partners:  Broadening the context of HIV prevention
Andrew Ward, PhD Using electron microscopy to investigate the interactions between broad neutralizing antibodies and HIV spike proteins
June 2011
Investigator Project title
Eliah Aronoff-Spencer,MD, PhD Yeast-based diagnostics for HIV virus detection and tropism determination in resource-limited settings
Yuxing Li, PhD Novel broadly neutralizing antibodies targeting the HIV Env MPER region
Pietro Sanna, MD Characterization of novel HIV-1 Tg mice of neuroAIDS
December 2010
Investigator Project title
Maile Young Karris, MD Evaluation of T-cell dynamics in HIV-1 latency and acute HIV-1 infection
Jay Silverman, PhD HIV and trafficking for sexual exploitation in the U.S.-Mexico border region
Elina Zuniga, PhD Defining molecular mechanisms of plasmacytoid dendritic cell dysfunction during chronic HIV infection
June 2010
Investigator Project title
Seth Cohen, PhD Examining and optimizing metal-ligand interactions in HIV integrase inhibitors
Victoria Roberts PhD Defining the DNA footprint on HIV integrase by computational docking
Jerry Yang, PhD SEVI-mediated enhancement of transmission of HIV as a novel microbicide

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