Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q:  I’m writing an HIV-related grant and need help with my calculations for statistical power and sample size. Can you help with this?
    • A: Yes! And we can help with study design and planning, among multiple other things.


  •  Q: I am reading about a lot of different modeling types (statistical modeling, epidemic modeling, data modeling, economic modeling) and am unsure what I need or would be useful for my project. What should I do?
    • A: No problem! Just submit a service request to us and we discuss with you the best analyses to suit your aims. Briefly, though, statistical models describe associations between variables (E.g.  “HIV acquisition is associated with sharing of unsterile syringes”) and epidemic models provide a mechanistic representation for how an epidemic is established and allow us to project the epidemic through time under various conditions.


  • Q: What is epidemic modeling and why is it useful?
    • A: Epidemic modeling mechanistically simulates disease transmission within a population, and can be used to: 1) improve our understanding of the epidemic drivers, 2) make predictions about the epidemic under particular conditions or intervention scale-up, 3) inform intervention trial design and interpretation.


  • Q: Do you offer courses and workshops in biostatistical or modeling methods?
    • A: Yes! Please contact us for current offerings.

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