2018 Retrovirus Presentations


Journal Club (JC) meets on Fridays

Work in Progress (WIP) meets on Wednesdays

  • December 12: Sarah LaMere: HIV base modifications

  • December 5: Sergio Ita: Identifying drug resistance using NGS

  • November 28: Michelli Faria de Oliveira: Studying HIV reservoirs in body tissues

  • November 14: Nadejda Beliakova-Bethell: Searching for HIV latency biomarkers using single cell RNA-Seq

  • November 7: Antoine Chaillon: Determinants of HIV Diffusion and Human Mobility

  • October 31: Gabriel Wagner: CTL escape in HIV superinfection and mPrEP

  • October 24: G. G. : Closing the gate on HIV nuclear entry

  • October 17: Rajendra Singh: How phosphoserine acidic cluster motifs containing viral and host proteins interact with clathrin adaptors

  • October 10: Mary Lewinski: Updates on HIV-1 Vpu and Vpr

  • October 3: Ben Murrell: Summer adventures in computational biology

  • September 26: Stosh Ozog: B-Cell Lineage Restricted eCD4-Ig Expression as HIV Prophylaxis

  • September 12: Sanjay Mehta: Getting to 0… malaria and HIV

  • September 5: Andrew Frick: Modeling Incident HIV Cluster Growth in San Diego Network

  • August 29: Rachel Schrier: The effect of smoked Cannabis on cannabinoid receptors and metabolism

  • August 22: Kip Hermann: Role of Specific IFITMs in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transduction

  • August 8: Manon Ragonnet-Cronin: Molecular epidemiology of HIV in 3 large US cities

  • July 25: Tala Al-Rousan: Healthy Immigrant Families Intervention (HIFI) for self-management of hypertension: a K01 award idea

  • July 18: Martin Hoenigl: The role of Beta-D-Glucan, suPAR and other inflammation markers to predict non-AIDS events

  • July 11: Doug Richman: Assays to measure the latent reservoir

  • June 29: Joel Wertheim: Viral fitness across the HIV molecular transmission network

  • June 13: Christian Gallardo: Preserving long-range linkage information in the preparation of full-length templates from HIV viral RNA for long-read sequencing

  • June 6: Sara Gianella: The importance of HIV research in transgender/gender nonconforming individuals

  • May 30: Charlotte Stoneham: A combined EM-proteomics approach to study HIV-1 Vpu-host interactions

  • May 23: Kevan Akrami: Update on infectious diseases projects in Brazil

  • May 16: Aaron Christensen-Quick: The immunological effects of subclinical CMV replication during early ART

  • May 9: Shilpi Sharma: Role of glycosylation in the anti-viral activity and stability of SERINC5

  • May 2: Aaron Oom: SERINC5: Tangling with troublesome transmembrane proteins

  • April 25: Sergio Ita: SMRT sequencing of full-length pol amplicons to investigate HIV-1 drug resistance

  • April 18: Masato Nakazawa: Effects of methamphetamine on the viral load and diversity of HIV, and immunologic outcomes

  • April 11: Gabriel Wagner: HIV dual infection, transmission networks, and mHealth

  • April 4: Mary Lewinski: Adventures with accessory proteins

  • March 28: Sarah LaMere: Retroviral epigenomics in clinical samples

  • March 21: Lalit Deshmukh: Late stages of HIV-1 replication studied by solution NMR spectroscopy

  • March 14: Ben Murrell

  • February 14: Nadejda Beliakova-Bethell: The (re)Searchers for long non-coding RNAs with a role in regulation of HIV latency

  • February 7: Michelli Faria de Oliveira: Characterization of the HIV reservoir in the brain and other tissues during suppressive ART

  • January 31: Stosh Ozog: Lentiviral vector modification and small molecules illustrate blocks to efficient hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy

  • January 24: Andrew Frick

  • January 17: Kip Hermann

  • January 10: Antoine Chaillon

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