Retrovirus Presentations


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Work in Progress (WIP) meets on Wednesdays

  • June 26: Joel Wertheim: Unconventional Findings in HIV Molecular Transmission Networks
  • June 19: Masato Nakazawa: Modeling Homophily in HIV Transmission Networks
  • June 12: Kip Hermann: Transduction Enhancer Caraphenol A and Lentiviral Endosomal Entry
  • June 5: Mary Lewinski: Evaluating New Targets of HIV-1 Accessory Proteins
  • May 29: Charlotte Stoneham: A conserved acidic cluster motif in SERINC5 confers resistance to antagonism by HIV-1 Nef
  • May 15: Rajendra Singh: How cellular and viral proteins interact with the membrane trafficking machinery
  • May 8: Kevan Akrami: HIV in Salvador
  • May 1: Sanjay Mehta: Epigenetic Aging in HIV
  • April 24: Christian Gallardo: Preserving long-range linkage information in the preparation of full-length templates from HIV viral RNA for long-read sequencing
  • April 17: Stosh Ozog: Innate Immune Modulation & Lentiviral Vector Modification to Improve Anti-HIV Gene Therapy
  • April 10: Rachel Schrier: Cannabinoid receptors and metabolism in activated T-cells and monocytes from HIV infected individuals
  • April 3: Geraldine Goebrecht: Who’s at the door? Studying HIV at the point of nuclear entry
  • March 27: Stephen Rawlings: Iterative Improvements to the Last Gift Rapid Autopsy and Developing Single-Cell Studies from Last Gift Tissues
  • March 20: Tala Al-Rousan: Using mixed methods to study complex refugee HIV patients
  • March 13: Andrew Frick: Longitudinal Analysis of High Dimensional Cytokine Data
  • February 13: Homero Vasquez: Development and validation of a theoretical-based model to calculate the binding free energy change due to protein-protein binding
  • February 6: Aaron Oom: Exploring the Spatial Proteome of T Cells
  • January 30: Sarah LaMere: HIV base modifications and chromatin assessment in clinical samples
  • January 23: Peter Ramirez: Immune Evasion Strategies mediated by HIV-1 Nef and Vpu
  • January 16: Martin Hoenigl: Predictors of Long Term HIV Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Adherence after Study Participation in Men who have Sex with Men
  • January 9: Lalit Deshmukh: Biophysical characterization of cellular and viral determinants of retroviral replication

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