Retrovirus Presentations


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Work in Progress (WIP) meets on Wednesdays

  • February 24: Johannes Schlachetzki: The latent HIV reservoir in the cART era from a microglia perspective
  • February 17: Tom Martin: Straight from the heart: Single cell RNA sequencing of cardiac tissue from persons with HIV
  • February 10: Sarah LaMere: Technical challenges in exploration of HIV chromatin
  • February 3: Jill Blumenthal: Predictors of PrEP Adherence and Retention in Cisgender Women at Risk for HIV in Southern California
  • January 27: Gabriel Wagner: Predictors of PrEP initiation and adherence measurements
  • January 20: Lalit Deshmukh: Proline-rich domain of human ALIX contains multiple TSG101-UEV interaction sites and forms phosphorylation-mediated reversible amyloids
  • January 13: Rocio Carrasco-Hernandez: An epigenetic architecture theory to assess the fitness of viral sequences

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