High-Impact Microgrants



High-Impact Microgrants are for emerging investigators who need to collect data in support of new NIH R applications. The Microgrant is offered to further leverage CFAR funding to assist these investigators in establishing productive HIV research careers. Emerging investigators who are members of the SD CFAR may request up to $3,000 in direct costs to generate preliminary data, facilitate analyses, or strengthen research collaborations.


The awards are restricted to proposals that generate data, analyses, or collaborations for the following categories:

1. An in-progress application for larger NIH funding. Applications must be submitted within 12 months of the Microgrant.
2. Revision of a previously submitted NIH grant application. The resubmission must occur within 12 months of the Microgrant.
3. Filling unforeseen gaps in active NIH-funded grants, for needs that cannot be funded through the current NIH award.


An applicant must be a CFAR member who meets the NIH definition of an Early Stage Investigator [NOT-OD-17-101].
Only domestic applications are considered.

Maximum Award

$3,000 direct costs

Application Due Date

Applications will be accepted until a specified number have been awarded or until March 31, 2019.

Notification Date

Applicants will be notified of the status of their proposals a few weeks after submission.

Funding Period

One year from award date.


Complete the attached form (2 page limit) and return it to the CFAR Administrative Core: cfar@ucsd.edu.

Questions? Please email cfar@ucsd.edu.


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