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The Flow Cytometry Core of the San Diego Center for AIDS Research offers numerous services at highly competitive prices. Please see our services and pricing for details. Then read over our policies & guidelines.

When you are ready to request services, please check out our CALENDAR to determine time slot. Then fill out the SERVICE REQUEST FORM. Make sure you enter your email correctly on the form.

You will receive an email to review your information entered in the Service Request Form. If there's any changes or mistakes, please give us a call (858) 552-8585 x5933 or email us at

When your appointment is confirmed, you will receive a google calendar invite via email.

NOTE: When requesting for sorts, please schedule your appointment 2 weeks in advance. Prior to scheduling a BIOHAZARD SORT appointment, please contact Dr. Celsa Spina via email with your protocol for approval. We will not schedule biohazard sorts without Dr. Spina's approval.

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