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Download infectivity analysis software that automatically counts HIV-infected foci.

The Romanizer (5MGL.exe) is a software program developed in the labs of Drs. Douglas Richman and John Guatelli to automatically count HIV-infected foci. The infectious-center assay required to use the program relies on a HeLa-based cell line that contains an LTR-b-galactosidase gene.


HIV-infected cells will express b-galactosidase and can be stained blue with X-gal. We use a 5 megapixel CCD video camera with a macro video zoom lens and QCapture Pro software (QImaging) to image the cells. The software we developed automatically processes the images and counts blue-stained cells. The Romanizer requires a Windows-based operating system and analyzes only high-resolution (5 megapixel) images. Below is a sample screenshot:


Romanizer screenshot


For a complete description of the system please review this publication.


Download the software, setup and operating instructions (ZIP file). The ZIP file contains the following:


    • 5MGL.exe, the software program

    • 5MGL.PAR, a parameter file

    • CameraSetup.doc, instructions and pictures of the setup

    • ImageAcquisitionProtocol.doc, instructions for capturing and analyzing the images

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