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Slide presentations

Copies or links to slide presentations courtesy of the UC San Diego Center for AIDS Research

Click the links below to download copies of slide presentations from CFAR-supported speakers. Slides are posted with speakers' permission.

March 1 and 15, 2017: CROI 2017 update with a focus on inflammation and aging, and HIV prevention

October 6, 2014: Jonathan Karn, PhD (Mitchell Memorial Lecture)

October 1, 2014: CFAR HIV Research in International Settings keynote lectures

2014 CROI presentations

July 29, 2013: Sarah Palmer, PhD

2013 CROI presentations

November 5, 2012: Jacek Skowronski, PhD (Mitchell Memorial Lecture)

September 18, 2012: Sixth Annual CFAR International HIV/AIDS Research Day

September 30, 2011: John A. T. Young, PhD (Mitchell Memorial Lecture)

September 26, 2011: Fifth Annual CFAR International HIV/AIDS Research Day

June 13, 2011: Rithun Mukherjee

May 12, 2011: Tim Rhodes, PhD (Global Health Seminar)

March 10, 2011: Martina Morris, PhD (Global Health Seminar)

October 19, 2010: Fourth Annual CFAR International HIV/AIDS Research Day

August 13, 2010: Frederic Bushman, PhD (Mitchell Memorial Lecture)

June 23, 2010: Julio Montaner, MD, FRCPC, FCCP, FRSC

March 12, 2010: Amalio Telenti, MD, PhD

March 3, 2010: Juan Bonifacino, PhD




View a presentation on NIH grants for early stage and new investigators (Alan Embry, Division of AIDS, National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases)


View presentations from the 2007 National CFAR Scientific Symposium held at UC San Diego. These presentations were recorded by UCSD TV.

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