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Acknowledge the Core

How to acknowledge the Translational Virology Core in your publications

If work performed for you at the CFAR Translational Virology Core results in publication, please acknowledge us with the following statement and please e-mail a PDF of your publication to the Core Administrator.
This work was performed with the support of the Translational Virology Core at the UC San Diego Center for AIDS Research (P30 AI036214).

FOR INTERNAL USE: Faculty and Staff of the Translational Virology Core please use the following acknowledgement statement for our publications.
This work was supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs and grants from the National Institutes of Health: AI090970 (IAVI), AI120009 (Smith-P3), AI100665 (Smith-Training), MH097520 (Smith-Viral Aging), DA034978 (Smith-Avant Garde), MH083552 (Smith-Multisite), DA041007 (Smith-SMRT), AI118422 (Smith-Immune Stimulation), EB015365 (Smith-India Pooling), AI036214 (Richman-CFAR), AI007384 (Richman-Training), AI096113 (CARE Collaboratory), MH062512 (Heaton-HNRC), AI096113 (Margolis-Delaney), AI047745 (Kasakovsky Pond-Dynamics), MH081482 (Gianella-IFRN fellowship), AI027763 (Gianella-CMV), AI106039 (Little-PIRC), AI104283 (Strain-R21), MH101012 (Ellis-R01), MH94159 (Achim), DA037811 (Patterson-Tijuana), DA026306 (TMARC). The following grants also contributed support: GA4001LS (Smith-Pfizer), amfAR 109108-57-RGRL (Luna-Persistence), VUMC38441 (Mehta-Vanderbilt), OPP115400 (Richman-Gates), AG044325 (Gianella-WakeForest), ID15-SD-063 (Gianella-CHRP); the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI); the National Science Foundation DMS0714991; the James B. Pendleton Charitable Trust.

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