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Protein Expression and Proteomics (PEP)

The PEP Core provides full protein expression and proteomic services. All services are performed at The Scripps Research Institute, which is a UC San Diego CFAR member institution.

The Protein Expression and Proteomics (PEP) Core is based at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in La Jolla, California. TSRI is a member institution of the UC San Diego Center for AIDS Research.


PEP Core services are non-overlapping and complementary with the CFAR Genomics and Sequencing Core and are seamlessly integrated with all established CFAR cores. Review a summary of PEP Core services (PDF). All facets of the PEP Core are currently operational at The Scripps Research Institute.

The Protein Expression portion of the Core, under the direction of Dr. John Elder, maintains and provides appropriate vectors and cell lines to facilitate expression cloning of proteins of interest and aid in protein production.

The Proteomics portion of the Core, under the direction of Dr. Bruce Torbett, provides protein analysis services for CFAR investigators. These services include protein extraction from viruses, cells, and tissues; protein resolution and quantification using 1- and 2-dimensional (D) electrophoresis and appropriate imaging systems; and protein identification using mass spectrometry.

The Core has purchased a Bio-Plex instrument for use by the CFAR community. The Luminex technology is ideal for identification of up to 100 proteins or analytes from a single, small volume sample. We believe this technology complements the current protein expression, resolution, and identification capacity of the PEP Core.

PEP Core personnel are always available to provide advice on protein production, purification, and identification and on mass spectrometry. We strongly recommend that all investigators discuss their experimental design before utilizing PEP Core services for protein production and identification.

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