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Advisory Board

Members of the International Core Advisory Board

The International Core Advisory Board provides direction for most Core activities, such as selecting countries that are eligible for Pilot grants, and setting policies and procedures for the Core's operations. All of the Committee members are experts in one or more aspects of international HIV/AIDS research.

Committee member/Web page
Raffi Aroian, PhD Infectious diseases, parasites
Constance Benson, MD Opportunistic infections, HIV pathogenesis and treatment, capacity building in resource-limited areas
Jose Luis Burgos, MD, MPH Global health, tuberculosis interventions in resource-limited settings
Peter J. Davidson, PhD Harm-reduction interventions among drug users and other at-risk populations
John Leake, MD, MPH Pediatric infectious diseases, tropical diseases
Atul Malhotra, MD Pulmonary and critical care medicine, sleep disorders
Sharon Reed, MD, MSc Parasitic infections in HIV-positive persons
Jay Silverman, PhD Prevention of gender-based violence
Eileen Pitpitan, PhD Psychology, behavioral science
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