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Bioinformatics & Information Technologies (BIT)

The CFAR BIT Core Provides Bioinformatics and Information Technology Expertise


HyPhy/Datamonkey: HyPhy is a scriptable package for evolutionary analysis. It can fit statistical evolutionary models to alignment of homologous sequences using maximum likelihood; estimate various parameters that have biological meaning, e.g., branch lengths, substitution rates, dN/dS ratios, recombination breakpoints; and test hypotheses about how sequences have evolved. We also host Datamonkey, a public web-server that implements some of the most popular HyPhy functions (e.g., recombination, positive selection detection).

NGS data analysis services: Our analytic services cover both traditional and NGS (all major platforms) data. We specialize in custom analysis for virological, immunomics, and molecular epidemiology research applications.

High performace computing (HPC): We provide private access to our 700+ processor compute cluster on per project basis.

Information Technologies

Website development and hosting: We are continually developing and maintaining websites for numerous research projects and organizations. Please see the following sites for examples of our work:

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