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Visiting Researchers grant recipients must report on their accomplishments during their visit to San Diego.

As a recipient of a Visiting Researchers grant, you will be expected to meet with your CFAR collaborator regularly to review your progress. You will also be asked to complete the following requirements before you return to your home institution:

  1. At some point during your visit, you will be required to present your CFAR-supported research at a local seminar or symposium. Please discuss this requirement with your CFAR collaborator, who can help you select the most appropriate meeting for your presentation.
  2. About 30 days before you return home, the International Core will ask you for a one- or two-page report describing your accomplishments during your visit. Include key persons you worked with, projects you worked on, presentations you gave, and publications written, submitted, or published. We will include your report in our annual CFAR progress report to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which funds the CFAR.
  3. About two weeks before you return home, the International Core will schedule a meeting with you and one of the International Core co-directors to review your accomplishments and ask for suggestions to improve the International Researchers program.

After you return home, the International Core will contact you at least once a year to ask for details about any new grants, abstracts, or publications that resulted from your visit to San Diego. The details you provide will be included in our annual CFAR progress report to the NIH.

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