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Application instructions for CFAR Visiting Researchers grants

Visiting Researchers grant applications will be available online in the future. Meanwhile, please download the application form (Word file). Follow the instructions in the application. Submit your completed application and supporting documents by e-mail.

Requesting funds

Visiting Researchers awards are typically paid via temporary appointments to UC San Diego. The amount of each award depends on several factors:

  • Some applicants receive full or partial salary from their home institutions and need only minimal salary support during their stay in San Diego.
  • Other applicants receive no salary from home and need considerable funding to support their time here.
  • Still other applicants come from countries that have no tax treaties with the United States. This means their UC San Diego payments will be heavily taxed.

You are encouraged to identify other funds to cover your expenses before and during your visit. Talk with the human resources staff at your home institution and with your CFAR collaborator to determine how much to request in your International Researchers grant application.

Due Dates

Applications may be submitted at any time. You will be informed of the Core's decision within 30 days of receipt. If funds have been committed for the current fiscal year (April 1 - March 31), we will keep your application on file and review it at the earliest opportunity.

Note: Apply at least four months and preferably longer before your trip. This will allow you more time to request and receive visas and other travel documents, make travel and housing arrangements, and confirm plans with your CFAR collaborator.